Unit 3 Analysis

 Unit three or more Assessment Article


LA W | Configure Windows File-system Permissions


Change Windows File-system Permissions

Study course Name and Number:

IS3230 Access Secureness

Student Term:

Steve Guzman

Instructor Term:

Ms. Matykowski

Lab Due Date:


Through this lab, you reviewed a scenario requiring you to design and style a Home windows folder framework, and you integrated your design and style. Next, you used the Microsoft® Lively Directory Users and Pcs utility to create security organizations that suitable the requirements inside the scenario. Finally, you applied those protection groups to the folder framework you designed.

Lab Examination Questions & Answers

1 ) When you developed a file system in the first section of this laboratory, why would you choose the structure that you


To keep an organizational structure with the classes on offer.

2 . As you may look again on the file structure that you created, what changes might you want to make should you

were to put it to use for a genuine college environment?

I would most likely add a handful of folders underneath each course folder marked " Completed Students Assignments", other than that the structure is easy enough to keep up and keep structured.

38399_LMxx_Lab03. indd 52

9/10/12 1: 08 PM

Evaluation Worksheet


3. Through this lab, you assigned associates of the Faculty group complete control of the Assignments folder. What risk

does this pose?

They can help to make unwarranted improvements the directories, throwing off of the structure in the folders or perhaps files.

four. What could you do to correct the case described showcased 3?

Assigning permissions to correct users depending on what get they need.

5. What Home windows file reliability attribute enables a user to go through a file to access data files and directories

beneath this?

Traverse Folder

Read Attributess

38399_LMxx_Lab03. indd 53

Set up Windows Data file

System Permissions

6. What Windows data file security feature allows a person to view a file's articles?

9/10/12 1: 08 PM...


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