Systems, Contemporary society and Durability Essay


Devices, Society and Sustainability

The global challenge of sustainable creation requires solutions and mindsets that connect traditional divisions between character and tradition, and the specialized and sociable sciences. Lasting development requires that technical engineers and other pros are able to include social and ecological factors alongside technological and financial requirements in managing tasks and infrastructure. This course describes the problems of durability, introduces a few theories which can help think through these types of challenges more clearly, and applies them to the case of urban drinking water systems.

1 . Learning Results

Upon completing this course you ought to be able to: 1 ) Understand the notion of sustainable creation as a respond to global entree of ecology and individual development installment payments on your Describe the role of engineering devices in achieving sustainable advancement 3. Summarize key top features of socio-technical devices and their relevance to the problem of lasting development some. Apply ideas of socio-technical systems in analysing the sustainability of urban infrastructure

2 . Teaching Staff

Module Co-ordinator Dr Priti Parikh Room 117 Phone 020 7679 7874 Email priti. [email protected] alternating current. uk

Instructing Assistants Natalie Chan Alessandro Lizzul Reka Solymosi Rachna Leveque

natalie. chan. [email protected] ac. uk alessandro. lizzul. [email protected] ac. uk 3rd there’s r. solymosi. [email protected] ac. uk rachna. leveque. [email protected] ac. uk

a few. Course Timetable

Date a couple of Oct being unfaithful Oct Spiel topics Required Readings The ecological problems Sustainable Baker S. (2006) The concept of eco friendly development development, Chapter a couple of in Sustainable Development London, uk, Routledge, pp. 17-48. Kates, R., Parris, T. and Leiserowitz, A. (2005) What is sustainable development? Goals, indications, values and practice, Environment: Science and Policy intended for Sustainable Advancement, 47(3), pp. 9-21. Environmental modernisation Craig J. (2005) Ecological Modernisation, in Dryzek J. S i9000. and Schlosberg D. (eds) Debating the planet earth 2nd edition, Oxford, Oxford University Press, pp. 303-321. Bell S i9000., Chilvers A. Hillier L. (2011) The sociotechnology of engineering durability Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Engineering Durability 164 pp. 177-184. Tools for Arup and Designers Against Lower income (EAP), Aspire sustainable – Research and Development Manual, development utilized online in September 2012 Elkington M. (1999) Advantages: Is capitalism sustainable, Chapter 1 in Cannibals With Forks Oxford, Capstone, pp. 17-40. Environmental Hay G. (2002) Ecofeminism, Chapter a few in A integrity and mother nature Companion to Environmental Believed Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, pp. 72-93. Parikh S., Parikh H. and McRobie A., (2012) The role of infrastructure in bettering human funds, Proceedings from the Institution of Civil Designers, Urban Style and Preparing. Energy crisis and The Globe Commission on Environment and renewable energy Development. (1987) Strength: Choices for Environment and Expansion, Chapter six in Our Common Future Oxford, Oxford University or college Press Zerrifi H. (2011) Innovative organization models pertaining to the scale-up of energy access efforts intended for the poorest, Current opinion in Environmental Sustainability, pp. 272-278.

16 Oct

3 Oct

31 Oct

13 Nov

CIVLG018/M011: Systems, Culture and Sustainability


Particular date 20 November

Lecture topics Required Readings Actor-network Callon M. (1986) The Sociology of an Actortheory and socioNetwork: The Case from the Electric Car, in technological systems Callon M., Law J. and Rip, A. (eds) Mappling the Mechanics of Scientific research and Technology London, MacMillan, pp. 19-34. Sismondo H. (2004) Actor-network theory, Part 6 within an Introduction to Scientific research and Technology Studies Malden and Oxford, Blackwell Posting, pp. 51-64. Sustainable consumption infrastructure Leave E. (2003) Consumption, Everyday Life and Sustainability, Chapter you in Comfort, Cleanliness and Comfort Oxford,...


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