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International Diary about Parents in Education 2011, Volume. 5, Number 1, 46-55

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The Relationship Between Parental Know-how and Teenagers Delinquency: a Longitudinal Study Panayiotis Stavrinides

Department of Psychology School of Cyprus Nicosia, Cyprus

The purpose of this current study was to test the direction of effect inside the relationship among parents' sources of knowledge (parental monitoring and child disclosure) and adolescents' delinquency. The participants had been 157 9th and 9th grade students and their mothers, randomly selected from urban and countryside areas in Cyprus. A six-month, twotimepoint longitudinal design and style was used in which adolescents accomplished the delinquency scale while mothers accomplished the parent knowledge questionnaire. The effects of this research showed that child disclosure at Period 1 believed a decrease in both minor and major delinquency by Time a couple of whereas teenage major delinquency at Time 1 expected a decline in child disclosure and parent monitoring by Time installment payments on your Contrary to previous wideheld presumption, parental monitoring at Time 1 did not significantly predict a reduction in delinquency by Time installment payments on your Keywords: Parent knowledge, Monitoring, Disclosure, Young delinquency.

Introduction. While children go through the adolescent years all their parents more and more feel that to be able to protect their very own youth they have to try and gain more knowledge about their socialization. During the past 10 years however , a lot of authors moved their emphasis on the various facets of this expertise gaining procedure (Stattin & Kerr, 2150; Crouter & Head, 2002; Laird, Pettit, Bates, & Dodge, 2003). In what techniques do father and mother consciously make an effort to gain information about their kid's whereabouts? How is energetic parental monitoring different from some other sources of knowledge including child disclosure? And more important, what kind of developmental outcomes (i. e. socialization effects, emotional and behavioural adjustment) do these kinds of different types of knowledge create? Thus, not necessarily surprising that adolescent delinquency has been related to low or ineffective child-rearing practices. ParentsВґ knowledge about their children's behaviour, and especially with what their children carry out outside of the safe Communication concerning this article should be resolved to Panayiotis Stavrinides, e-mail: [email protected] ac. cy environment of residence, may not immediately decrease risk-taking behaviour for the teenagers. Such expertise however , can act as a buffer against behaviours that would escalate in antisocial levels (Mounts, 2001; Sullivan, Kung & Farrell, 2004). Father and mother gain know-how about their children via two key sources: one is parental monitoring and the different is child disclosure. Parent monitoring is a critical supply of parental understanding and that reflects the parents' work to find out directly and through their own declaration how the youngster behaves. It is defined as " a set of related parenting behaviors involving focus on and checking of the kid's whereabouts, actions and adaptation” (Dishion & McMahon, 1998, p. 66). Weintraub and Gold (1991) add that monitoring refers to the extent plus the quality of communication, and the surveillance that parents workout over their children's existence. In general, research suggests that father and mother who methodically monitor all their children's behaviour have adolescents who are less likely to embark on delinquency (Buchanan Maccoby, & Dornbusch, mil novecentos e noventa e seis; Jacobson &



Crockett, 2k; Pettit, Laird, Dodge, Bates, & Criss 2001, Weintraub & Platinum, 1991), lower levels in compound use (Biglan, Duncan, Ary, & Smolkowski, 1995; Dishion, Capaldi, Spracklen, & Li, 1995; Fletcher, Darling, & Steinberg 1995), premature sexual activity (Longmore, Manning, & Giordano, 2001; Metzler, Noell, Biglan, Ary, & Smolkowski, 1994) and involvement...

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