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Young Girls

January–June 2013

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The lessons from this manual are organized in units that address imaginaire fundamentals in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Each lessons focuses on questions that children may include and doctrinal principles that can help them find answers. The teachings are designed to help you prepare mentally by learning the doctrine for yourself after which plan strategies to engage the youth in powerful learning experiences.

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You will find additional methods and teaching ideas for all these lessons at lds. org/ youth/learn. Online lessons incorporate: • Links

for the most recent teachings from the living prophets, apostles, and other House of worship leaders. These kinds of links happen to be updated regularly, so pertain back to them often. to videos, images, and other media you can use to arrange yourself mentally and to educate the youth. that show effective teaching to enhance the ability to ensure that the youth become converted. teaching ideas.

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January: The Godhead

What do we know about the nature of the Godhead? How can I know my Beautiful Father? How come Jesus Christ crucial in my life? Precisely what are the jobs of the O Ghost? Whom am I, and who can My spouse and i become?

Feb: The Plan of Salvation

Precisely what is the plan of salvation? What happened in my premortal life? What is the purpose of lifestyle? Why the actual choices My spouse and i make subject? Why do we include adversity? How to find comfort when somebody I worry about dies? So why should I treat my body such as a temple?

03: The Atonement of Jesus Christ

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? What does it suggest to have hope in Christ? How can repentance help me every day? What is sophistication? Why should i forgive other folks? What is the resurrection? How do the Atonement help me at my trials?

04: The Apostasy and the Repair

Why was a restoration necessary? Why do we need the Book of Mormon? How was the priesthood restored? The fact that was Joseph Smith's role in the Restoration? Why is the Initially Vision essential?

May: Prophets and Thought

Why is it important to listen to and follow the living prophets? How can you receive personal revelation? How can I make my own prayers more meaningful? Why is it important to study the scriptures? How can I enhance my accounts? How can a patriarchal blessing help me?

Summer: Priesthood and Priesthood Important factors

What is the priesthood? Exactly what are the obligations of priesthood holders? Precisely what are the tips of the priesthood? How does the priesthood bless me? How can i honor and uphold the priesthood?


January: The Godhead

" We expect in God, the Timeless Father, in addition to His Kid, Jesus Christ, and the O Ghost” (Articles of Faith one particular: 1). The outlines from this unit will assist the fresh women understand the true mother nature of the associates of the Godhead and the tasks of each in fulfilling Beautiful Father's prepare of salvation. This understanding will help the young women come to comprehend better their particular divine id and purpose as children of Goodness.

Learning outlines

Seek the inspiration of the Spirit whenever you select from the outlines below. Let the inquiries and passions of the fresh women assist you as you decide which outlines to train and how very long to spend over a topic. These types of outlines are not meant to recommend what you will say and do inside the class. They can be designed to help you learn the doctrine for yourself and prepare learning experiences adapted to the requirements of the fresh women you teach. What do we know regarding the nature of the Godhead? How can I know my Heavenly Dad? Why is Jesus Christ important around me? What are the roles with the Holy Ghost? Who am I, and that can I turn into? yourself. Research the...

Links: Selected Solutions

" Godhead, ” True to the Trust (2004), 73–74 The first article of beliefs states, " We believe in God, the Eternal Daddy, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. ” These types of three creatures make up the Godhead


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