Kite Athlete

 Kite Athlete Essay

Jason Hsi

English HL

Octover 9th, 2012

Mister. Danny Wall

The Kite Runner -- Deep Thoughts Essay

Guilt is a great emotional knowledge when a person believes or realizes they have done a bent action. Many people view guilt as an pointless, even damaging, emotion. Unlike popular thoughts and opinions, guilt can be a good emotion. Without guilt, individuals may possibly lack the motivation to do something morally. Sense of guilt plays a major role in The Kite Athlete, Amir tries to redeem himself simply by his thoughts of remorse.

One of the confident attributes of guilt is that guilt teaches us not to associated with same oversight twice. Producing mistakes is usually part of becoming human, however it is the guilt we truly feel which prevents us coming from repeating the mistakes. If the student plagiarizes, then they would feel accountable. Guilt tells the student that the behavior is wrong because we now have broken the trust from the teacher. Regardless of whether or not really the student gets caught, the guilt inhibits him or her via plagiarizing again. In The Kite Runner, Amir often goodies Hassan as though he was just a stalwart rather than a good friend. Despite this mistreatment, Hassan continues to be loyal to Amir and his family through the entire novel. Sooner or later, this combination makes Amir think awfully accountable.

Amir will not want to repeat his mistake with how he treats Hassan's son, Sohrab. He believed to Soharb, " Assef hurt your dad in a seriously bad way, and I didn't want to save your father the way your father kept me……. I won't hurt you, I promise (pg. 344). ” Amir has implies to Sohrab that he previously done a task sinful to Hassan. Guilt has changed you will of Amir from a selfish person to a even more caring man.

Another professional characteristic of guilt is that it motivates us human beings to complete a task. Remorse is a motivator because we are motivated to behave in order to make yourself feel better about our transgression. When a student would not complete their particular homework, they will feel guilt ridden because it is our duty and obligation to complete...


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