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CHAPTER 1: Marketing and Approach: An Introduction

Advancement the Advertising concept

* Production orientation: give attention to reducing cost and increasing efficiency * Product positioning: focus on top quality and item features. 2. Selling orientation: use of hostile and sometimes devious sales approaches. * Marketing: focus on determining what customers want, and arranging business activities to ensure that customers happen to be satisfied. Antecedents of marketing

5. Economics: Study regarding supply and demand

5. Sociology: The study of group behavior

* Psychology: The study of thought processes

5. Anthropology: Study regarding culture

* Corporate strategy: The study of commercial competition and positioning Scope of Marketing

5. Consumer advertising

* Commercial marketing

5. Service promoting

* Not-for-profit marketing

5. Small business promoting

* Foreign marketing

Simple Marketing Principles: Marketing Defined

2. Marketing is usually an efficiency function and a set of business processes for creating, communicating, and delivering worth to buyers and for handling customer relationships in ways that benefit the organisation as well as its stakeholders. (AMA 2005) 2. Marketing is a activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and changing offerings that contain value can be, clients, companions, and society at large. (AMA 2007) Simple Marketing Ideas: What is Market?

* Market

* An accumulation buyers and sellers; a grouping of individuals or perhaps institutions that contain similar needs that can be fulfilled by a particular product * Marketspace

5. Electronic marketplace that are not sure by period or space such as Amazon online marketplace, eBay * Metamarket

* A cluster of closely related goods and services that center in regards to specific usage activity. By way of example one item demand in another merchandise such as autos consists of petrol, wheel, electric battery * Metamediary

* Offers a single get point wherever buyers can locate and contact various sellers in the metamarket. For instance , one prevent service in website

Simple Marketing Ideas: What is Exchange?

* Exchange

* The obtaining something of value by offering anything in return; commonly obtaining products for money * Five conditions of Exchange

* There should be at least two celebrations to the exchange.

2. Each party has value to the other party. * Every party should be capable of communication and delivery. 5. Each get together must be free to accept or reject the exchange. 5. Each get together believes it truly is desirable to switch with the other party. Basic Promoting Concepts: What is a Product?

5. Product

* Something that can be acquired via exchange to satisfy a purpose or a want * * People

2. Places

* Experiences and events

5. Real or financial house

* Organisations

* Persons

* Areas

* Encounters and incidents

* True or economic property

* Organisations

Instances of Products

* Goods

2. Services

2. Ideas

2. Information

* Digital products

Basic Marketing Concepts: Utility

2. Utility

2. The ability of the product to fulfill a client's needs or perhaps wants * Five types of Electricity

2. Form utility – features or features that set the product separate * Time utility – products offered when consumers want these people * Place utility – products obtainable where customers want these people * Ownership utility – transfer of ownership or title; ease of acquisition 2. Psychological energy – great experiential characteristics that consumers find rewarding Transactional and Relationship Marketing

* Transactional promoting is to complete a large number of discrete exchanges with individual customers. The focus is definitely on obtaining customers and marketing someone buy, not necessarily about attending to client's needs and wants. 2. Relationship...


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