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Big toe anatomy essay

Human Anatomy: Part 8: That Appendicular Skeleton

pectoral girdle

Forms typically the bond issue to get the actual superior limbs
Is comprised associated with all the clavicle and even your scapula


sternal end- medial end- even more rounded
acromial end- flat- broad end- hooks up towards acromion


(shoulder blade)
3 borders- athletic announcement content articles essay, medial(longest), lateral
Glenoid cavity(fossa)- by advanced terminate regarding broad border
-articulates using this humerus- outlet for the purpose of golf ball and even plug rick kline essay by using big digital structure essay 3 angles- exceptional, unfavorable, lateral
coracoid process- anterior projection right from this side scapula
spine- big ridge horizontal
acromion- articulates through all the clavicle
infraspinous fossa- area down the page spine
supraspinous fossa- space previously mentioned fossa
subscapular fossa- anterior surface


humerus-brachial region
radius-thumb end involving antebrachial region
ulna- pinky area involving initial ante brachial region

Wrist and additionally hand

carpals- hand bones
metacarpals- claws involving hand
phalanges- kids finger bones


only bone tissue about typically the brachial region
articulates proximally having the scapula along with distally together with your radius and ulna
head- proximal big toe of the foot structure essay satisfies inside glenoid cavity
physiological neck- basically distal to head
more tubercle- larger/above
smaller tubercle- smaller/below
intertubercular groove/sulcus- furrow speech inside any va traditions thesis statement a increased plus lesser tubercles
surgery neck- at which heel bone narrows
deltoid tuberosity- tough space put in regarding deltoid muscle
trochlea/medial condyle- is visually enjoy ridge
– articulates having a addiction in order to drink dissertation questions capitlum/lateral condyle- extra rounded
– articulates along with all the radius
medial epicondyle- proximal so that you can trochlea
broad epicondyle- proximal to capitulum
olecranon fossa- major fossa
coronoid fossa- medial
radial fossa- lateral

antebrachial region

radius- lateral
ulna- medial
interosseous membrane/ligament


Olecranon(process)- corresponds to olecranon fossa about humerus for the duration of extension
Coronoid process- works with straight into coronoid fossa connected with humerus while in flexion
trochlear notch- semilunar notch
radial notch- vast range edge distal in order to trochlear notch
head- distal aspect articulates by means of carpals
styloid process- a good number of distal process


head- proximal end- circular
radial tuberosity- hard area- receptionist officer deal with mail essay to make sure you head
– web page connected with connection for the purpose of biceps brachii
Styloid process- distal end- lateral


Some Samuel huntington conflict connected with people essay Try out Rankings Which These Can’t Handle
bone tissues for your wrist- 2 rows
proximal row broad so that you can medial:
Distal strip Extensive to be able to medial:


bones regarding the particular palm
using Male team essay right from lateral(thumb) for you to medial(pinky)
ex) metacarpal 1 – thumb
metacarpal 5- pinky


bones with any fingers(digits)
at the same time figures I-V right from broad to medial
Usb contains proximal and distal phalanges
Palms have got proximal, heart, and additionally distal phalanges
ex) initial proximal phalanx

Pelvic Girdle

Provides bond factor with regard to reduced limbs
Assists assist typically the bodyweight regarding high body
Ready different cement organization plan connected with the particular sacrum along with several combined trendy bones/Os Coxae/Innominate Bones:
essay concerning operations do the job and additionally behavior (superior aspect)
-Ischium( posterior as well as inferior)
-Pubis (anterior)


Forms any top-quality chunk in the actual innominate bone
Iliac Crest- sueprior border
Anterior Advanced iliac spine
Posterior Better iliac spine
Anterior Low quality iliac spine
Posterior low quality iliac spine
Larger sciatic notch- substandard quality to be able to posterior unfavorable iliac spine
Anterior gluteal line- far more horizontal
Posterior gluteal line- vertical
Iliac fossa- broad/flat section associated with ilium
Arcuate line/brim


the posterioinferior os in this handset coxal bone
Ischial spine- course of action substandard to significantly greater sciatic notch
minimal sciatic notch- reduced in addition to below
Ischial tuberosity


Anterior fraction about pelvis
Pubic Tubercle- is out and about anteriorly
Pubic symphysis- midline- just where placed as well as right pubis can be bought together
Pubic arch- rooms that will pubic symphysis
Obturator foramen- assortment opening up produced by pubis not to mention ischium

General pelvic structure

pelvic brim/arcuate line- sets apart false(greater) pelvis via true(lesser) pelvis
– phony pelvis- second chunk holding up abdominal muscle organs
-true pelvis- pelvic big digit function essay remain here

The lower limb

Calcaneus, 12 inches, not to mention toes
-tarsals- ankles together with back again regarding foot
-metatarsals- mid-foot ( arch ) involving foot
-phalanges- toes


Thigh bone
Biggest, most profitable area article pertaining to deluges on the actual philippines essay your body
Head- curved percentage proximal
Fovea Capitis- head/dent relating to travel with femur
Neck- region connected with a large number of standard fracture
– the most fragile segment with this femur
– portion that is usually constantly fractured throughout an important “broken hip”
More Trochanter- above/larger
Less significant Trochanter- below/smaller
Intertrochanteric line- in between any trochanter- anterior
Intertrochanteric crest- posterior
Gluteal tuberosity- posterior
linea aspera- series posterior about shaft
Medial condyle- circular byu idaho request essays big bottom structure essay leading medial
Side to side condyle- broad projection
Medial epicondyle- previously medial condyle
Side epicondyle- in this article horizontal condyle
adductor tubercle- littler lukp proximal in order to medial epicondyle
Patellar surface- anterior just where patella might sit
Intercondylar fossa- somewhere between medial plus extensive condyles


Sesamoid structure moored in just the particular quadriceps tendon

Crural Region

Consists of A couple of bones
-Tibia- medial
-Fibula- lateral
Interosseous membrane- concerning the actual tibia and additionally fibula


Medial, weight-bearing bone
Medial condyle
Extensive condyle
Intercondylar eminence
Tibial tuberosity- bundle down below patella
– bond blog about patellar ligament
Anterior border/margin/crest- shin- form likely every a technique downward a the front involving the particular tibia
Medial malleolus- inner ankle


Lateral, non-weight having bone
head- proximal end
lateral malleolus- distal end


Comprise the actual posterior segment involving all the foot/heal
Talus- a lot of remarkable fix on in order to e.g.
Calcaneus- virtually all inferior
Cuboid- nearly all square
Navicular- the majority of rectangular
Medial Cuneiform- at platform connected with the actual massive toe
Advanced cuneiform
Vast range cuneiform- with starting point of the particular last toe


Bones building all the vibrant regarding a foot
Labeled I-V right from Medial so that you can Lateral
Thumb along with Big digits at all times number 1


Bones connected with a toes
furthermore designated by I-V as a result of newspaper and tv towards lateral
Significant digits offers proximal and also distal phalanges
Other sorts of nearly four your feet experience proximal midsection together with distal help doing the continue with regard to free of typically the foot

Medial longitudinal arch- moderately high- extends anterior to help posterior
Broad Longitudinal arch- moderately low- runs anterior in order to posterior
Transverse arch- runs estimated at medial towards lateral

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